Northern Rivers wildlife vet care and emergency treatment


We have worked in conjunction with NPWS (OEH) and local wildlife carer groups, donating our services pro bono for wildlife vet care and emergency treatment since the clinic was first established in 1985. We feel privileged to have been able to do this and enjoy getting close up and hands-on with our amazingly diverse local wildlife.

Here’s just a small sample of some of the more unusual species we’ve treated over the years: baby sperm whale, emu,
brush-tailed phascogale, sooty owl, red-tailed tropic bird, feathertailed glider, greater glider, marbled frogmouth, osprey, wedge-tailed eagle, platypus, death adder snake, goanna, microbats, carpet pythons, leatherback turtle….. and of course all the “usual suspects” possums, echidnas, gliders, koalas, birds of all descriptions.

We work closely with our local wildlife carers who are an amazing bunch of extremely dedicated, experienced and skilled folks.
Bat on Trees — Wildlife in Alstonville, NSW
If you have found wildlife in need of urgent medical attention, contact the following groups for assistance:

Wildlife Information and Rescue (02) 6628 1898
Ballina Seabird Rescue (02) 6686 2852
Northern Rivers Wildlife Service (02) 6628 1866
NSW Parks and Wildlife (02) 6620 9300
Wildlife Information and Rescue (02) 6628 1898
To find out more about our role as wildlife carers contact us today on 02 6628 5262. We also have an emergency after hours number listed.



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