Animal Dentistry Alstonville


Dog with Toothbrush — Dentistry in Alstonville, NSW
Our Alstonville vet hospital offers pet dental services available to prevent and treat dental disease. Tooth and gum health is critical to your pets wellbeing.
We often find, however that this is sometimes overlooked by pet owners, only because it can be difficult to examine an animals mouth thoroughly and also because pets tend not to complain about sore teeth and gums!

Dental disease is common in cats and dogs and has been associated with the development of kidney, heart and liver concerns.

Some of the signs that your pet has dental disease include:
Red & sore gums
Tartar & plaque build-up
Problems chewing food
Excessive salivation
Halitosis (stinky breath)

Our aim is to help you institute healthy dietary habits and oral care measures at home that will keep your pets teeth and gums healthy.
This is tailored to your pets individual requirements and what will work for you as carer.
We have modern dental equipment to examine your pets' gums and teeth and undertake cleaning, plaque and tartar removal, and teeth polishing. Before undertaking dental treatment and cleaning procedures, we’ll routinely sedate your pet or administer light general anaesthesia and local anaesthesia as required.

Our vet hospital also has high quality prescription dietary food lines available from Royal Canin and Hills Science, to help prevent tartar. We also have dental treats, toothbrushes and toothpaste for ongoing dental maintenance.

Call us now on 02 6628 5262 to book your pet in for dental services.