Cat Check-Up — Alstonville Vet Hospital in Alstonville, NSW
Our Alstonville vet hospital has been established since 1985, providing general medical and surgical procedures throughout the Northern Rivers. We are dedicated to ensuring the small animals, wildlife and pets who visit our hospital receive quality healthcare treatment.

Our vets are passionate wildlife carers, committed to supporting the surgical and emergency care needs of the local wildlife in this region. We've been providing pro bono wildlife healthcare services for more than 33 years.

Alstonville Veterinary Hospital is a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, which certifies our competency and experience in our field.

At Alstonville Veterinary Hospital, you can call our friendly staff to book an appointment or to book a consultation and we take emergency walk ins.

Contact us on 02 6628 5262 to discover more about our vets, veterinary hospital or the services we have available.



We've supplied a list of frequently asked questions to help answer any queries you have about our vet hospital, medical or surgical services. Please call us on (02) 6628 5262 if you need further assistance.
(Q) Do I need to make an appointment?
(A) YES! In order to minimise stressful waiting times for both you and your pet, consultations are by appointment. Please call 02 66285262 to arrange one.
(Please note that emergency cases are treated immediately, but phone ahead if possible so we can prepare for the best response to your pets emergency.)
(Q) Am I able to feed my pet before an ultrasound?
(A) We recommend not feeding your pet after 8pm the night before an ultrasound, unless they suffer from diabetes and need to be fed a meal with insulin.
(Q) Can I stay at the hospital while my pet is receiving emergency treatment?
(A) Whether or not you're allowed to stay during treatment depends on a range of factors, such as how busy the hospital is, if the treatment is critical or if the vet believes your emotional state could cause you pet distress. The vet will be able to answer this question for you before your pet undergoes treatment.
(Q) Are you able to advise me on my pets' health concerns over the phone?
(A) While we can provide general advice and recommendations about your pets' health concerns over the phone, it's important to bring them into our clinic so we can ensure our diagnosis is accurate.
(Q) My dog is overweight. Do you offer weight loss treatment?
(A) Yes, we specialise in diet and nutrition and have specialised pet food lines onsite, such as Royal Canin and Hills Science, to help your dog lose weight.
(Q) Can I bring injured wildlife into your vet hospital for urgent surgical or emergency care?
(A) While we are wildlife carers and offer free treatment for local wildlife requiring medical or surgical attention, we recommend contacting your local wildlife groups first, so they can refer the cases to the most relevant parties.



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