Animal surgery in Alstonville


Dog in Medication — Surgeries in Alstonville, NSW

We can provide a broad range in animal surgery in our hospital. Our veterinary hospital is fully equipped to undertake a wide range of minor and major procedures, from desexing and tumour removal through to orthopaedic and reconstructive and soft tissue surgery. We have the latest anaesthesia agents and monitoring equipment to make your pets anaesthetic as safe as possible. We pride ourselves on our focus on pain management and also minimising anxiety and stress with our sedative techniques.

For major procedures where overnight stays are required, we have comfortable climate controlled, hospital rooms, with separate wards for dogs and cats. We offer regular monitoring and quality after care services. We'll also routinely prescribe and provide pain relief after a procedure, so that your pet remains comfortable and pain-free.
Some of the procedures we offer include:
Orthopaedic (e.g. joint problems, bone fractures or breaks)
Soft tissue
Reconstructive surgery

Wound suturing
Intestinal or obstruction removal
Tumour or lump removal
Bladder stone removal
Anaesthetic tests & sedation
Post-operative X-rays
Blood tests & clinical pathology
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