Alstonville vet hospital offers anaesthetics for surgery and medical procedures


Cat Laying —  Anaesthesia in Alstonville, NSW
If your pet requires sedation or anaesthesia for a medical or surgical procedure, be assured that modern veterinary anaesthetic agents and monitoring equipment make this as safe as possible. Patients are individually assessed as to anaesthetic risk and the most appropriate anaesthetic agent or combination is tailored to your pets needs.

At Alstonville Vet, we pride ourselves on providing optimal painmanagement during and after a surgical procedure, and also on making the hospital stay as stress-free as possible. Some of the common procedures where anaesthetics are required include: x-rays, desexing, wound treatment, orthopaedic procedures, lump and tumour removal, dentistry and caesareans.

All anaesthetised animals are carefully monitored, using a pulse oximeter, carbon dioxide monitor, respiratory monitor and blood pressure machine, to ensure the maximum safety. All surgical patients routinely receive intravenous fluid therapy.

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